Real Estate Attorney Naples, FL

Real Estate Lawyer Naples, FL

Colina Law assists clients in the completion and closing of their real estate transaction. Our goal is to help you and your real estate agent navigate through this process in the most efficient and effective manner. We can assist from contract through closing to ensure that your life investment is protected. In addition, we are title insurance agents and provide title insurance services in connection with all of our real estate transactions.

Residential Real Estate Closings:

Contract Negotiation

  • Preparation of purchase and sale agreements
  • Escrow services
  • Handle deposit disputes and inspection issues
  • Preparation of closing documentation, such as deeds, mortgages, affidavits, etc.
  • Examination of title and issuance of title insurance
  • Ordering and review of surveys
  • Advice regarding land use restrictions and rules that affect ownership and use of the property
  • Assistance in securing mortgage financing
  • Provide closing services

Title Insurance and Escrow Services

Colina Law also serves as a full services title insurance and escrow company for consumers of all types buying or selling residential real estate in southwest Florida. Our title insurance is underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and Attorneys Title Insurance Fund (“The Fund”).

Real Estate Attorney v. Title Company:

Selling or buying a property, especially your home, is a life-changing, sometimes emotional, event. Often, it is the most important business decision a person can make in their lifetime. Here are the advantages to using Colina Law to handle your closing instead of a title company:


Would you ride in a plane flown by a ballet dancer? Would you undergo surgery performed by an accountant? Of course not! While these individuals are highly skilled in their fields, they are not trained to fly a plane. The same is the case of a Title Agent. Attorneys are charged with representing their client’s interests and providing legal advice. A title agent is neither trained nor authorized to do that. A title company only prepares the closing documents required for the transaction but often cannot solve any problems that arise throughout the closing process – Real Estate Attorneys can.


Attorneys are the only professionals involved in the real estate transaction who represent you and are ethically bound to act in your interest.

Your Colina Law real estate attorney will:

  • Review the contract
  • Guide you through the closing process
  • Explain the legal impact of documents you will sign
  • Provide legal advice


In the last decade hundreds of thousands of consumers were led into unwise purchases which led to Florida’s real estate bust. Don’t let that happen to you.

Your Colina Law real estate attorney will:

  • Explain the terms of your mortgage loan so you understand everything
  • Ensure the lender delivers the terms that serve your needs


At Colina Law, we are not expensive. Like all real estate settlement agents, attorney or non-attorney, they charge a small flat fee to provide comprehensive support throughout your real estate transaction. Since you will pay for the services of a settlement agent, why not make sure it is a real estate attorney who is looking out for your best interests? When a real estate attorney functions as title agent and closing agent, providing title insurance as well as settlement services, the cost is typically no more than a non-lawyer title company. A real estate attorney provides all the services you expect from a title company, plus the added value of the legal expertise to handle any issues that may arise.


Some think that buying and selling real estate is simple, but it is not. Real estate title has been described as a “bundle of sticks” because it is not one solid thing – like say a car title. With a car you have a title for the entire car – and typically you can tell when parts are missing. With real estate you can separate the sticks and they are not visible. Sticks can be used by others like the utility company who has power lines across your property or a neighbor who can travel across your land to get to theirs.  You want to make sure you’re getting all the sticks – at least the ones you are paying for.

Your Colina Law real estate attorney will:

  • Examine the title to the property
  • Explain and resolve any issues that are found
  • Make sure you understand what you are buying or selling
  • Make sure you understand your obligations as a buyer or a seller
  • Conduct the closing
  • Issue title insurance


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