School Bus Accidents

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“It takes a village…” to deliver kids (and adults) safely to schools, trips, and home on these buses. When a school bus accident occurs, the liability can be traced to multiple points:

  • The driver, for negligence or recklessness
  • The school district, for failure to screen drivers or maintain buses properly
  • The bus manufacturer, for defects in design
  • Motorists or riders for actions that led to the accident

Public school drivers and districts are considered part of the government and may have special protections. Multiple injured parties can further complicate your case. Put our energy and deep experience to work for you when pursuing these complex claims. 

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We are your constant ally from the time you are injured due to another’s negligence to the resolution of your case.

Colina Law approaches your case with a nuanced understanding of the law related to your injury. Principal attorney Mary Colina-Fowler will personally be involved in your case, ensuring that it will be handled with experience and expertise.

We are your Naples personal injury law firm, advocating for the Hispanic community and all Southwest Florida residents. We can:

  • Negotiate on your behalf against insurance companies
  • Work with your medical team
  • Pursue damages with a focus on your long-term physical, mental, and financial healing
  • Be a formidable foe when representing you against a negligent person, company, property owner, or product manufacturer
  • Help you document your injuries and treatments as well as stay on schedule with required procedures and submissions

We will advise you every step of the way so you can make your decisions based on objective, well-tested facts.


Who is liable in a school bus accident?

There may be multiple points of liability in a school bus accident. This could include the driver for any negligence or recklessness, the school district if they failed to properly screen drivers or maintain buses, the bus manufacturer if there were defects in design, and motorists or riders whose actions contributed to the accident.

Are public school drivers considered part of the government?

Yes, public school drivers and districts are considered part of the government. This can sometimes afford them special protections, which can make legal proceedings more complex.

What happens when multiple parties are injured in a school bus accident?

If multiple parties are injured in a school bus accident, it can complicate the case. This is because it adds complexity to the legal proceedings and can impact how liability and compensation are distributed.

What services do you offer for victims of school bus accidents?

The principal attorney at Colina Law is Mary Colina-Fowler. We provide personalized legal care in school bus accident cases. We negotiate on your behalf against insurance companies, work with your medical teams, pursue damages focused on long-term healing, represent you against negligent parties, help you document injuries and treatments, and guide you throughout the legal process.

Who is the main attorney at Colina Law?

The principal attorney at Colina Law is Mary Colina-Fowler.

Does Mary Colina-Fowler personally handle my case at Colina Law?

Yes, Mary Colina-Fowler personally handles your case at Colina Law to ensure it’s managed with experience and expertise.

Who does Colina Law represent?

We advocate for all Southwest Florida residents, including the Hispanic community.

How will Colina Law aid me in making decisions related to my case?

We will advise you every step of the way, providing objective and well-tested facts to help you make informed decisions.

How can Colina Law assist with documenting injuries and staying on track with procedures?

We can help you document your injuries and treatments. Additionally, we assist you in staying on schedule with required procedures and submissions, ensuring all aspects of your case are handled efficiently and effectively.
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